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Compassion fatigue has been implicated as a factor in the rising incidence of depression, anxiety and suicide in veterinarians, veterinary students and staff. However, compassion fatigue is not the only component of this situation.

Veterinarians and their staff may become overburdened by the stresses that occur in daily practice, leading to a state of exhaustion and biologic, physiologic and emotional dysfunction. Many of the factors and stresses unique to veterinary medicine and to those drawn to this caregiving field pre-dispose them to mental and emotional challenges.

Studies have confirmed that individuals caring for others, be they animal or human, are at high risk for compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatic stress, moral stress, secondary traumatic stress, exhaustion, burnout and worse.

Studies have also shown that when a caregiver is under the influence of excessive stress, fatigue, depression or anxiety, the quality of care they can offer declines, despite their best efforts.

Recently the situation regarding the overall mental health status in veterinarians has garnered public attention and become a topic that is being discussed more openly. This allows those suffering in silence to recognize they are not alone in their struggle.

Resources are becoming available to veterinarians, veterinary students and their staff.

As a retired veterinarian, Cynde understands the unique stresses of veterinary practice. As a Medical Hypnotherapist and Stress Reduction Specialist, her unique qualifications have resulted in a program from a veterinarian to veterinarians that they can relate to. Using humor combined with simple practical action steps, Cynde shows veterinarians and their staff how to improve their overall quality of life and Fall In Love With Veterinary Medicine all over again. Contact Dr. Cynde Gardner now to learn how you can go from compassion fatigue to compassion satisfaction.

Programs available for Veterinarians:

  • Individual one-to-one consultations
  • Group and Online programs
  • In-Clinic workshops



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