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Rebecca P. ~ Temecula

I struggle with anxiety that has created serious health issues for me, and I was desperate to find a solution. After just one session with Cynde, I was able to relax more so than ever before in my life. For someone who struggles with an anxiety disorder, this is life-changing. Cynde has taught me tools to deal with the feelings of anxiety as they creep up, and she has taught me to watch for signs that I may need to implement in real time to stave off the effects of my disorder. I can now enjoy my day-to-day life much more than before, and the most important benefit to me is that I can enjoy my significant relationships with more openness to live in the moment and experience time with the most important people in my life without the debilitating distractions I suffered with before. Thank you, Cynde!

Rebecca P. ~ Temecula

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