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Pre and Post Surgery Management

This program is provided with the joint efforts of your physician and our professionals. 

Any surgical or medical procedure benefits from pre-surgical hypnosis.  It can minimize, and in many cases alleviate fear, significantly decrease discomfort, begin the body’s natural healing process before the procedure is performed, and much more.

All of our clients in this program are provided with a CD customized especially for you, to listen to during surgery or other procedures. In most cases, your doctor will allow a small MP3 player with ear phones to be placed under the surgical cap. This provides your subconscious mind with a constant flow of positive affirmations throughout the procedure.  Listening to the CD during the procedure has also been shown to provide other benefits.

Our post-operative or post-procedure hypnotism is directed towards minimizing pain and discomfort, while enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities. It is very effective in giving relief from side effects of anesthesia, as well as chemotherapy and radiation, and maximizing the effects of physical therapy, etc. Post-procedure hypnosis has been shown to speed recovery while minimizing pain and fear.

In a controlled study published in the Journal of the International Anesthesia Research Society, patients who received hypnotherapy before surgical procedures experienced less anxiety, reduced pain, less blood loss and a lower incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting.

How It Works:

We start as much before the procedure as possible.  At Bright Paths, we teach our clients self-hypnotic techniques to use before and after the procedure.  We then record an individualized CD for use during the entire procedure and the recovery period.  We have worked with people in the hospital or treatment facility being prepped for or recovering from a procedure.

We practice safe and effective natural pain management and relaxation techniques through hypnotism, Reiki, and Healing Touch, helping clients of all ages with both acute and chronic pain issues. Bright Path’s certified practitioners will help you manage pain safely and naturally, by showing you how to tap into the power of your own mind to enhance the healing of your body. We specialize in pre, intra, and post procedure pain management techniques for surgery, sports related injuries, childbirth, dental procedures and more, giving you tools that will last a lifetime.

Are you dealing with pain issues? Attend one of our workshops and learn an effective way to manage or eliminate the pain in your life, safely and naturally.

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